While a lot of eyes are on Sen. Kay Hagan’s embrace of President Obama in Charlotte –right after she slammed the president on the VA—- opponent Thom Tillis is hopefully boning up on the latest JLF report praising the North Carolina’s ’14-’15 budget, in which Tillis played a major role as house speaker:

Most reports about the new budget have focused on an average teacher salary increase of 7 percent, “one of the largest pay raises for North Carolina teachers in a generation,” according to the report. The budget sets aside $282 million for teacher raises.

The budget not only increased Medicaid spending but created a $186 contingency fund for (expected) Medicaid shortfalls. Yet all anyone will hear was how North Carolina chose not to expand Medicaid.

It’s going to get real interesting after Labor Day, but in the midst of all the craziness I hope Tillis chooses to run on his record, not run from it.