Hearing way too much confused talk about what happens next year with Carolina. Here is your cheat sheet:

  • Lockout will make an outside coaching hire impossible — unless you want your new staff to have all of four weeks with the team. This along with on the field performance, youth will make Ron Meeks your next Panther coach.
  • Next up, DWill. I still do not think Deangelo ends up back in Charlotte but if he does…
  • No way the Panthers spend first overall QB money. No way. Kiss Andrew Luck goodbye. Or more precisely — Williams or Luck. Pick one.
  • If the Panthers think this way, then they will trade out of the top slot and down a couple slots — how many is the key — in order to select…
  • Robert Quinn, DE from North Carolina. Yep, a Peppers redux. A PR move? You bet, what with UNC-grad PSL owners in revolt.
  • Trading down could also land a veteran, non-punch drunk QB, another must-have to turn fans back around on the franchise.
  • Also much time and money must be spent on a beat-up OL regardless of the direction.

So forget Cowher-Gruden-Whomever first off. Understand #34 is no more than 50-50 coming back, and that if he does come back Williams likely displaces Luck. Plus there is will be resistance to spending Luck money, which puts Quinn or somesuch down move in play — along with the crying need to add veteran help elsewhere. In fact, lets just fast-forward to March and get this thing going.