Nobody likes domestic violence. I suspect even the perps would rather it not exist. But is what government is doing helping the situation? Saith the Smoky Mountain News of Western Carolina University’s struggle:

Title IX is just one of the many laws and regulations governing how universities respond to sexual violence. Under the Clery Act, higher-education institutions receiving federal funding must issue an annual security report detailing the types of crimes occurring on and near campus, whom the crime was reported to and when it happened.

Although the Clery Act is four pages long, the Department of Education’s interpretation of how it should be implemented is more than 300 pages and includes what Hudson estimated to be 118 obligations of the school.

At the beginning of the 2014-15 school year, WCU created a position for someone to oversee compliance with the Clery Act. The position was created at the recommendation of a report on campus security issued by the University of North Carolina. The report included 36 recommendations for the institutions in the UNC system.

Tom Shanahan, general counsel for the UNC system, said . . . certain recommendations were based on helping institutions ensure they were keeping up with those regulations.

On top of that, students, faculty, and employees must complete online training in identifying and protecting against sexual assault. Students can’t even register until they complete it.

WCU is having problems funding the required positions and programs. To help, a $30 student fee was approved.