Last month, I wrote about the kindergarten health assessment form, and then a few days later wrote about how the data from the form was being used in New Hanover County. County Health Officials took information from the form, and compiled a report of where all the “fat” children go to school. The report stated 27% of kindergartners were either obese or overweight, and county officials wanted schools to gather more data on kindergarten students and expand the data collection to first, third, and sixth grades.

The County Officials only wanted the School Board to give them permission, but it seems the New Hanover School Board thinks parents should be the ones to give the county permission to “study” their children’s BMI (Body Mass Index). The School Board did pass a provision to gather the data, BUT only with an “Opt-In” parental consent form. While we may argue if it is the schools’ role to even deal with weight issues, at least this district acknowledges the issue by getting parents to sign off. REMEMBER, children belong to parents not the government. Thank you, New Hanover School Board!