Thousands of low income North Carolina students wait for a judge’s decision to see if they will have an opportunity that high income families have every day.  Opportunity scholarships hang in the balance.  And the policy discussion continues – should all families have options in educating their children?  If a district school does not meet a child’s needs, should they be able to get out? Who is better equipped to make that decision?  Families? Parents? Judges? Educrats? Is school choice a good idea?

An annual Friedman Foundation poll of over 1,000 parents across the US tells us what parents think:

58% think K-12 education is on the wrong track; 33% say it’s on the right track

61% support charter school; 26% oppose

63% support vouchers; 33% oppose

56% support an educational savings account; 34% oppose

When given a choice 37% would choose public school, 40% a private school, 10% a public charter school and 11% home school.

Parents like it, students like it, outcomes are better.  What’s the problem?