US Airways put out a press release yesterday toutting its summer schedule to Europe. And hidden in there is the news that will be far fewer flights from Charlotte to Europe this fall and winter. Service to Paris and Rome ends on October 26, presumably to resume at some point in the spring. By comparison, the Paris flight had operated year round for the past two years thought at decreased frequencies (four or five times a week) during winter. Rome flights last year operated 10 months of the year, all but January and February, though at reduced frequency for part of that period.

This leaves the CLT with three year-round flights to Europe: London-Gatwick and Frankfurt on US Airways and Munich on Lufthansa. In addition to these and Paris and Rome, US Airways also is offering three other summer-seaonal flights to Europe: a second Frankfurt flight (May 24 – October 26), Dublin (May 3 – September 3), and Madrid (May 24 – September 3).

Bonus observation: The CLT – Rio de Janeiro flight continues. Should hear by the end of the month if the airline has obtained slots at reasonable times and a parking place to allow it to start Sao Paulo service this winter.