HPE report on the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation’s never-ending financial troubles.

Look who’s all broken up over the situation:

But the frustration about securing another long-term source of financing for PART continues to simmer, and on Wednesday it boiled back above the surface during the board of trustees monthly meeting.

During what seemed like an innocuous discussion about setting up a board retreat for planning, Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins questioned if a retreat would produce any results unless PART has a reasonable chance of a long-term funding source.

Visibly exasperated, Perkins said that the agency needs a “buy-in” from Guilford and Forsyth counties and the N.C. General Assembly. If the agency can’t secure some type of long-term revenue, PART may need “to fold the tent,” said Perkins, a PART trustee.

Don’t see the ‘buy-in’ from Guilford and Forsyth counties, so where the wheels go round from here is hard to say.