Here’s what jumped out at me when reading the HPE account of Wednesday’s PART board meeting (emphasis mine):

However, the board put off a decision on more route cuts after hearing from a half a dozen speakers who expressed concerns about how loss of service would impact the well-being and livelihood of bus riders. PART eliminated a set of routes this past spring.

The additional route cuts include ones that serve High Point and Davidson and Randolph counties. The trustees, who are elected officials from the Piedmont, heard sobering accounts from riders. The speakers included a recovering cancer patient who relies on PART buses to visit family, a worker who rides the bus to reach her workplace and a military veteran who uses PART to attend school.

“It’s important to hear how what we’re considering impacts you,” said trustee Bernita Sims, a member of High Point City Council.

Touching stories indeed, but enough to justify the millions we’ve spent on PART?