Brent McKinney isn’t sure why that’s so; Greensboro city council member Sandy Carmany has the numbers.

If the numbers hold, that’s 300,000 riders out of a total population of 1.5 million, which is significant, no doubt. While the Mountain Express has a sliding fare rate depending on where you’re going, the vast majority of riders are paying $2 per ride, for a rough total of $600,000 in fares, right? The dent that puts in overhead is questionable:

PART continues to plan for growth in ridership through future service in Randolph and Davidson coun­ties. The board Wednesday voted to award a contract to DaimlerChrysler for five new buses, which will bring the PART fleet to 25.

The PART staff is working with Randolph County of­ficials, the N.C. Department of Transportation and local property owners to develop five park-and-ride lots. PART also wants to develop at least one lot in Davidson County.

PART intends to start bus service to Randolph and Da­vidson by June, McKinney said. The DaimlerChrys­ler low-floor buses will cost $360,000 per vehicle, said Scott Rhine, PART program manager. The first buses should be ready for use by June, McKinney said.

Somebody help me see how this is a profiable venture.