Barnini Chakraborty writes for the Washington Examiner about plans under way now for protests of November election results.

The presidential election may be four months away, but the lawsuits related to it are already in full swing.

Republicans and Democrats have been feverishly working behind the scenes, raising cash and filing motions. Already, county-level officials in five battleground states have tried to block the certification of vote tallies in local races and in the primaries, which some experts warn is a test run for November.

“Litigation seems to now be a fixture of each party’s political and electoral strategies,” said Miriam Seifter, an attorney with the State Democracy Research Initiative at the University of Wisconsin Law School.

Julie Adams, a member of Georgia’s Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections, refused to certify two primaries this year, claiming she had been denied her legal right to review a long list of election records for fraud.

Adams, who has gone on the record to say she believes former President Donald Trump was the victim of a stolen election in 2020, has filed suit against the board. If a judge grants her and others in her position the power to hold up the outcome of elections, it could create a chaotic aftermath to an already tense 2024 election.

In Adams’s case, the Democratic National Committee and the Georgia Democratic Party have asked to intervene in the lawsuit, claiming that her actions are part of a coordinated effort by the Republican Party and Trump to start to sow the same doubt in 2024 as they did in 2020. She has also received pushback from Stephanie Jackson Ali, policy director at the New Georgia Project Action Fund, a left-leaning group focused on voting rights. …

… Since Adams’s case, county-level election officials in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, and Michigan have tried to block the certification of the vote count in the primaries and general elections. All five are key battleground states that could determine the next president and which party controls the Senate and House of Representatives.