Painful but worth a listen to former #ncga election law, redistricting committee staffer and lawyer working on legislative maps in 1991, 2001 and 2017, Bill Gilkeson’s  testimony in the partisan gerrymandering case.

In almost an hour of testimony, Gilkeson admits he worked with Democratic House and Senate legislative leaders to draw maps in 2017 that considered political performance, how different districts voted in recent elections and included political breakdown in analysis of proposed districts.

In other words, the Democrats used partisan gerrymandering in drawing remedial maps in 2017 just as they are now accusing Republicans of partisan gerrymandering in the lawsuit before the N.C. Supreme Court, Common Cause v Lewis.

This, on top of plaintiff Bob Phillips in earlier testimony, admitting that he brought the lawsuit because he couldn’t get it passed in a bill in the General Assembly.

Some might call this a frivolous lawsuit. Others might just call it hypocrisy.