This blog is not allowed to endorse candidates, so this ought not be construed as showing favor to anybody. Since other contributors hereabouts have posted on the presidential races, I feel it is safe not to self-censor my flight of fantasy on naïve political strategery.

Pundits are concerned Donald Trump will jump party lines and run as a Thirdpartarian. This will split the conservative vote letting Hillary Clinton sashay on a red carpet into the White House. Since I like to shake things up, I would suggest that if and when Trump goes Thirdpartarian, Rand Paul primary him. (But then, Trump would probably jump at the last minute to prevent this at least in a few strategic states. Then again, Trump could bump Paul if Paul anticipates when Trump fakes. I digress.) Since Mitt Romney said he would not seek the Republican nomination, he should run as a Democrat. He is one anyway, and he’s probably the only guy that can give Hillary more than a 3 percent run for the money.