This morning, I called around to find out exactly what I could and could not say this election season. You see, the right of free speech that shall not be abridged is very limited these days, and subject to laws that require high-powered attorneys to interpret. I am affiliated with a number of liberty-loving organizations whose nonprofit status could be endangered if I speak out of turn. For example, I cannot endorse a candidate, not even on my own Facebook page. I attend a conservative church, and I would hate all the tithes and offerings of the good people to be taxed to fund abortion, etc.

And so, gingerly stepping on eggshells, as one ought in a country with protected free speech, I have concluded I can say the following:

  1. I am fasting with Glenn Beck today so those who would be our leaders may receive inspiration from above, and so that We the People may study hard to discern who, if anybody, is intent on protecting liberty as opposed to finding a wider audience for his/her/its narcissism.
  2. I can say what characteristics I seek in a candidate. Those would be: (a) They must know the law of the land and uphold their oaths to honor the US Constitution. (i) They must therefore know the Constitutional limitations on their powers and abide by them. (ii) As another corollary, they must work toward downsizing government, getting rid of un-Constitutional overreaches. And (b) they need to convince me they have backbone. Rick Henderson here at the JLF laughed this morning when I told him I quit supporting candidates because they “went soft” once they had a taste of power.

Well, that’s a start.