Today Ms. Noonan
notes the tremendous number of questions to which national politicians
are expected to provide legal answers and comments on winners and

The Increasing Complexity of
Everything is good for liberalism (government should be vital, large,
demand and bestow much) and not conservatism (government should be
smaller, less powerful, less demanding of the treasure and liberty of
the citizenry). When everything is a big complicated morass, regular
normal people, voters, constituents, become intellectually
disheartened. They can also lose sight of core principles.

She ends with three thoughts including this simple explanation of conservatism 

It is good to keep in mind, at
such a time, that we must let as many questions devolve into the
private sphere as possible. Not all can but many can, and on so many
issues it’s better to err on the side of individual freedom than the
authority of the state.