Kyle Smith offers New York Post readers a theory about impeachment’s likely impact for the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

The more Nancy Pelosi tries to get people to take her seriously, the more ridiculous she is. During the impeachment vote, it was, “Everyone will take us seriously if we all just wear black.”

For an entire month after that, it was, “Everyone will take us seriously if we withhold the articles of impeachment from the Senate.” This week, it was, “Everyone will take us seriously if we have a solemn procession across the floor of the Capitol.” No? Not that? How about fancy ceremonial pens? Would that make anyone take them seriously? Any takers? Nancy stopped just short of ordering commemorative plates from the Franklin Mint to see if that might convince America we’re in a Very Serious Crisis.

Pelosi lost this fight before it even started because there was never any chance Trump would be removed from office by the Senate. That became clear way back in October. Everything she did after that amounted to taking multiple trips to the punishment buffet and stuffing her face.

Madame Speaker is the new Dean Wormer. Nothing she had in her arsenal carried any more mojo than Wormer’s sinister threat to the livelihood of Animal House. She might as well have threatened President Trump with Double Secret Impeachment.

Pelosi’s doomed impeachment gambit can’t even be classified as historic. Sorry, Fancy Nancy, but the third time something happens isn’t historic. Quick: Who was the third man on the moon? The third of anything isn’t history. It’s just trivia.