At Commentary magazine’s “Contentions” blog, Peter Wehner discusses the latest cable television news ratings:

FOX News has the top dozen rated shows on cable news. Thirteen FOX
News programs draw more than 1 million viewers; three draw more than 2
million; and one program, The O?Reilly Factor, draws more than 3 million. In fact, the 11:00 p.m. repeat of The O?Reilly Factor, which ranks eighth (1.41 million viewers), easily outdistanced the top-rated program on MSNBC, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, which ranked 13th (1.035 million viewers).

CNN?s top-rated show, Larry King Live, finished at number 18
(672,000 viewers). Things were so bad for CNN in 2010 that Nancy Grace
of Headline News ranked ahead of King, who has now retired from his
nightly hosting duties.

While some might crow that these results demonstrate just how conservative the American people are, it’s probably more accurate to say that the results demonstrate instead that American television viewers are quick to reject a clearly hard-left news spin when they have an alternative.

It’s a topic this forum has discussed before.