Last week, the Obama campaign released an ad making the argument that Mitt Romney was responsible for the death of the wife of a worker at a factory where Bain Capital had invested, but ultimately had to close because of continuing losses. That ad has been thoroughly debunked, but it’s worse than deceptive for Team Obama to argue that Romney is a killer when Barack himself has refused to shut down the continuing futility in Afghanistan.

As Sheldon Richman writes here, the Obama administration is playing the same game the Johnson administration did with regard to Vietnam — putting out a stream of misleading information. There is no reason to believe that the continuation of the fighting there will “defeat terrorism.”  Even if we somehow managed to kill every last Islamicist fighter, once US forces left, they’d return and find lots of willing recruits for jihad.

Why Obama, who criticized the war back in 2008, allows it to continue is a matter upon which people might speculate endlessly. The the inescapable fact is that he has continued the war, with many thousands of deaths, American and Afghan, as a direct consequence.

As the saying goes, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.