Appearing in today’s Winston-Salem Journal, Kate Cohen of the Washington Post perfectly illustrates the corner liberals have painted themselves into on climate change, especially in the wake of news that the wonderful Obamas have purchased a Martha’s Vineyard mansion that–in theory– will be underwater in 10 years. (Why on earth would they do that, one must wonder.)

The Obamas aren’t mentioned in Cohen’s column—it actually focuses on 16-year-old Greta Thurnburg, who’s walking the walk (so to speak) on climate change. Not so much wealthy liberals like the Obamas, the fact of which Cohen is well aware. However:

Failure to live according to your stated beliefs is one thing, of course; it’s quite another to insist that others live by rules that you yourself don’t keep. Flying after making everyone else brave the seas. That’s the ugly kind of hypocrite.

Greta Thunberg is neither kind. If anyone lives according to her convictions, she does.

But as much as I admire her consistency, I don’t dismiss climate activists who live in mansions or even fly private jets to climate conferences. Their advocacy will help shape a new generation, which will then turn around and judge their personal behavior as hopelessly retrograde.

Every generation is the hypocritical generation for the one that follows. It may feel like karma, but it’s actually progress. Is it moving fast enough to save the planet? I bet I know what Greta would say.

I call this type of thinking “The Deeper Meaning of Gilligan’s Island.” When I was starting out in college, taking deep courses in philosophy and sociology and thinking deep thoughts, I actually probed the deeper meaning of Gilligan’s Island. Then I graduated, got into the real world, and reflected on how borderline insane that was—nobody does that. Guess what? A mere 30 years later, we have many, many liberals probing the meaning of Gilligan’s Island. I’m not saying it’s insane, but it’s most definitely a coping tactic that comes with the realization that they’ve painted themselves into a very tight corner on the subjects of climate change and racism.