Rick Perry deserved this.

When 80 percent of your base disagrees with you about giving in-state tuition to illegals, in some cases thus favoring them over the children of members of your base who might be attending a school from out of state, and you call them heartless, it is a wonder there aren’t more protests like this.

It wasn’t just rude and utterly arrogant. It shows there’s a fuse blown in that head of his somewhere. What is he capable of saying or doing on the campaign trail against Obama if he doesn’t get that you don’t twitch-slap your base in a highly competitive primary.

Here’s the big story on Perry everyone is missing. The apology wasn’t. Imagine in a fit of anger someone you are in a relationship or marriage with calls you heartless. Think about what a slap that is coming from someone who knows you best, who should be the best advocate for your betterment and your interests.

The next day they apologize and tell you it was said in a fit of anger, and that of course it isn’t true. You really aren’t heartless. That is what is necessary for the relationship to go forward without damage.

Except that Rick Perry didn’t take it back.

“I was probably a bit over-passionate by using that word and it was inappropriate,” Perry admitted.

Overpassionate? Inappropriate? That’s a start. But the slam still remains hanging between us. Inappropriate is what you call it when you say an unspeakable truth in public.

Rick Perry still believes much of his party is heartless. I guarantee it.