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Matt Bales

Executive Director, North Carolina Coalition for Fiscal Health


Matt Bales is Executive Director of the North Carolina Coalition for Fiscal Health. He brings to the job a real-world knowledge of politics from experience as Political Director of the North Carolina Republican House Caucus. He produced winners in 19 of 21 targeted races in 2012, creating the GOP’s largest state House majority in history.

Matt’s resume includes these other key assignments:

  • served as Deputy Finance Director of Senator Elizabeth Dole’s campaign (2008);
  • worked on the winning campaign team of NC Rep. Tom Murry in NC House District 41, the most competitive legislative district in North Carolina (2010);
  • was the Political and New Media Director at Cornerstone Solutions, working with non-profits, issue advocacy organizations, and political campaigns to achieve public policy and electoral success. (2010)
  • was the Research Director at the North Carolina FreeEnterprise Foundation, a nonpartisan research organization that fosters informed civic involvement and promotes an understanding of the free enterprise economy (2014)

Matt is also the co-founder, co-owner of Bellwether Insights, a start-up data analytics company based in Raleigh that provides the business community with actionable insights with regards to NC-based campaign finance trends. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in political science and a minor in history. He currently resides in Raleigh with his wife, Sarah, and their rescue dog, Roy.


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