The owner of Greensboro’s Coliseum Cafe is circulating a petition to remove City Manager Mitchell Johnson:

Carolyn Johnson, who owns the small diner at Coliseum Boulevard and Florida Street, said she’s fed up with Mitchell Johnson’s performance. She said her customers are, too.

She cited his handling of former police Chief David Wray’s departure, her opinion that “dirty cops” work on the force and allegations in the weekly Rhinoceros Times newspaper that Johnson overpaid a contractor. She plans to present the petitions to the council when she collects a “significant number of signatures.”

The effort will need more than a petition. Five City Council members would have to vote to fire Johnson, but that’s unlikely, since all nine have supported him during recent controversies.

Left out is the fact that there is an election in just over a month, after which there will be a new mayor and possibly a significant turnover on the council. Unfortunately, no council candidates, incumbents included, seem to be speaking out against Johnson. They’re too busy talking about talking about the city’s shrinking tree canopy.