The unions who aren’t pleased the Democratic Party choosing right-to-work state North Carolina to renominate President Obama are rallying in Philadelphia tomorrow for the “Workers Stand for America” event. Rallying is fine, but I have to scratch my head over the group’s key complaint, considering the current administration routinely caters to unions. It makes me wonder exactly what else these disgruntled union members expect.

A cross section of working Americans are gathering in Philadelphia Aug. 11 because it’s time to change the conversation in America –- to counter those forces preaching austerity for the vast majority of citizens and focus national attention on jobs, economic opportunity and restoring the American dream for all.

We are gathering to call public and media attention to how our politics, society and economy have been skewed beyond recognition -– geared almost entirely to the well-being of the richest while everyone else is left behind.

This is not acceptable in a nation that was built on generations of labor.