As some Democrats continue to lament the impact of an FBI investigation on the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, David French of National Review Online reminds them who they should blame.

It was all Hillary Clinton’s fault. All of it.

She made the decision to flout standard practice, sound policy, good sense, and the law by setting up a homebrew server and using a private e-mail for official business, including the sending and receiving of classified information.

She made the decision to lie, repeatedly, about what she’d done.

She made the decision to press forward with her campaign and pressure Democratic leaders (including superdelegates) to join her team while misleading them every step of the way.

She led the Democratic party off the 2016 cliff.

In all these things, of course, she was merely imitating the master manipulator, her own husband. Remember how skillfully Bill Clinton transformed the public debate over his own perjury? Remember how he and his team coaxed a sympathetic press into making the propriety of the investigation the main story, rather than the underlying tawdriness and corruption of his conduct?

This is the Clinton way. This is what they do. They do what they want, when they want, how they want, and then indignantly demand that everyone else conduct themselves with maximum restraint and with complete consideration of the Clinton family’s political goals. In other words, they embrace vice while demanding compliance and cooperation from everyone else, including law enforcement.