Please to pardon if I don’t recall how many plans the City of Asheville has already. All I remember are lots of complaints about the proliferation, and a list of about six overlapping ones that included the Downtown Master Plan, a greenways master plan, and a French Broad MPO plan for transportation in the region. It is not enough, though. The city would now like to contract with Kimley-Horn for a $336,000 multimodal transportation plan.


This plan will include measurable goals and detailed strategies for creating a vision to develop transportation networks to improve accessibility, connectivity and transportation infrastructure throughout the City and at the same time becoming an element to promote economic development. [ED NOTE: This sentence is so far gone, I don’t know how many sic’s to insert or where.]

As added bonuses, the city will partner with folks wanting to excavate further into the federal deficit for some free money, and the plan will promote equality.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t think the city needs seven transportation plans. I just think taxpayers should fund a comprehensive study or two before embarking on any planning process.