The Dawn Patrol reports that the “family planning” outfit is outraged by the Bush administration’s Global AIDS Bill, which is putting “lives at risk” by imposing the “ultraconservatives'” “own moralistic and dangerous agenda on women and men in Africa and the Caribbean.”

Heavens to Murgatroyd! Whatever are they doing?

? “set[ting] aside money for abstinence-until-marriage programs” *gasp!*

? “allow[ing] religious aid organizations to opt out of performing referrals for services that conflict with their beliefs” *GASP!*

? and worst of all ?

? “requir[ing] organizations to have a policy explicitly opposing prostitution in order to be eligible for global AIDS funds” (faint)

Apparently those “ultraconservatives” in the Bush administration (aside: why “ultra,” exactly?) got the fool notion in their noggins that prostitution might contribute to the spread of AIDS. How moralistic, dangerous, &c.! And pardon the naif who wonders what prostitution has to do with family planning ? you never know when a prostitute might decide to start a family, you never know when a john is “practicing” to start a family, and just imagine how that would contribute to retarding AIDS! Only someone with a dangerous agenda for the world would want to withhold U.S. tax dollars from that remote possibility.