The Business Journal reports that Greensboro developer Marty Kotis is looking to “pull the trigger” on all three properties located at Friendly and Madison Avenues, one of which is the site of the original Ham’s restaurant.

Kotis tells the Biz Journal:

We’re considering pulling the trigger on fixing all three of those properties at the same time instead of waiting, because otherwise we’ll have a lot of construction activity when one restaurant is opening. We’ve got a user right now that’s signed a lease for the former Ham’s space that would be interested in taking the other two. It’s about 10,000 square feet roughly, and it’s a chance for us to rework that whole section, tying parking lots together and make it more like an upscale Walker Avenue and South Elam Avenue (corridor near the UNC-Greensboro campus). We have two different contractors working on that right now where they’re giving us estimates for revamping things and doing site work.

What was once a vibrant corner of Gboro has been vacant for years now. It would be great to see it come alive once again.