HeadLocke 033: Who Should Get the Credit for the Booming Economy: Trump or Obama?

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HeadLocke 033: Who Should Get the Credit for the Booming Economy: Trump or Obama?

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Recently, a Washington Post fact-checker concluded that President Trump deserves minimal credit for the nation’s robust economic growth because “Trump is still working off the base Obama built.” Unsurprisingly, former president Barack Obama claims that his economic policies, which included tax increases, business and financial regulations, and new government programs, primed America’s economic engine. John Locke Foundation Senior Economist and Resident Scholar Roy Cordato disagrees. Dr. Cordato argues that Obama’s tax, spending, and regulatory policies acted like a “wet blanket” covering the U.S. economy. Over the past two years, President Trump and Republican leaders in Congress lifted that blanket through tax cuts and deregulation.  These and other factors increased economic freedom and opened up new investment and entrepreneurial activities forestalled by Obama-era policies.

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