HeadLocke 034: ‘Tis the Season for Voter ID in North Carolina

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HeadLocke 034: ‘Tis the Season for Voter ID in North Carolina

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In 2013, the N.C. General Assembly enacted election reform legislation that included a photo voter ID requirement, but the law did not survive the federal courts. In response, the Republican-led state legislature included a voter ID amendment to the N.C. Constitution on the November 2018 ballot. About 55 percent of voters voted to approve the amendment, and a month later, the General Assembly passed legislation that outlined rules and regulations associated with the requirement. Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat and voter ID opponent, will likely veto the bill. Many suspect that a lawsuit challenging the legislation is imminent. The John Locke Foundation’s Senior Political Analyst, Mitch Kokai, joins Terry to discuss the history of voter ID legislation in North Carolina, the content of the recently passed bill, the likely outcome of the lawsuit, and its implications for the 2020 elections.

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