Head Locke Episode 005: War Movies and Toxic Masculinity

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Head Locke Episode 005: War Movies and Toxic Masculinity

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In this episode, Terry and Jon present their own “Top Five” lists of the greatest war-related movies of all time and defend their picks with their own unique reasoning. The discussion on these movies goes to the actors that play the central characters and into an examination of the values, traits and habits of such men.

As the Top Five is counted out, the guys delve into a discussion about what it means to be “masculine” today and how the left is demonizing certain characteristics that we formerly considered beneficial and useful. Terry highlights a piece written by National Review’s David French, in which he highlights the progressive movement’s attempt to conflate equality with sameness and to remove biological or chromosomal differences between the sexes. Looking at the issue as policy advocates and free-market thinkers is not sufficient; Jon and Terry also look at the issue as fathers of boys and young men.

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