John Podhoretz argues in a New York Post column that Republicans refuse to admit that they’re in for a blowout loss in the 2018 midterm elections.

Perhaps you remember the classic scene in “The Naked Gun” when Leslie Nielsen’s wonderfully idiotic police Lt. Frank Drebin stands in front of a fireworks factory that’s just exploded waving his arms and telling the jaw-dropped crowd to “disperse, there’s nothing to see here” while the Fourth of July erupts behind him.

Republican spin doctors began Drebinizing themselves on Tuesday night in response to the results of the special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District. …

… The House record may stand at 5-to-1 for Republicans, but across the country, in special elections at all levels since 2016, the hard fact is that Democrats have won 40 races and Republicans have won five.

Mitt Romney won Pennsylvania’s 18th by 17 points in 2012. Donald Trump won it by nearly 20. On Tuesday, Democrat Conor Lamb prevailed by a few hundred votes. That’s a 20-point swing.

The Drebinizers are waving their arms wildly at us to try and make us look away from the fireworks factory explosion, but you really have to be blind and deaf not to see the obvious here.