Happy Birthday Mr. President

by Harry Seymour

The Vinyard Gazette

Monday, August 2, 2021

The significance of age 60
Is to be young again
Without the weight of youth
So it is with Barack Obama
Unburdened by the world
Choosing to live on an Island
Where golf becomes his mantra
Dreams can soar
About the elusive golf score
In the world of pretend
Where even presidents
Can be boys again
On an Island playground
Known for its diversity and charm
Very like this former President
Whose zest for life reveals itself
In a mega birthday bash
As host for hundreds of guests
Unrivaled only by the Inaugural Ball
When the First Lady
Beautifully adorned
Embraced by one tall and smooth
In-step to Etta’s song
Heard throughout the hall
“At last my love has come along”
Now at a youthful age of 60
His time has come along
In a place immune to celebrity
And the first dance is not the last.

My favorite section is this: Whose zest for life reveals itself/In a mega birthday bash/As host for hundreds of guests/Unrivaled only by the Inaugural Ball.