The Civitas Institute released a poll today that shows broad support for school choice among registered voters.

How much do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Parents should have the ability to choose where their child attends school.

Strongly Agree: 70%
Somewhat Agree: 22%
Somewhat Disagree: 4%
Strongly Disagree: 2%
Not Sure: 1%

The North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship Program provides vouchers of up to $4,200 to low and moderate-income students that can be applied to tuition at a private school of their choice. In 2017, over 6,400 students received vouchers to attend over 450 different schools. Do you support or oppose the Opportunity Scholarship Program?

Strongly Support: 51%
Somewhat Support: 34%
Somewhat Oppose: 7%
Strongly Oppose: 5%
Not Sure: 3%

Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) are a new type of parental choice program now operating in several states. ESAs are taxpayer-funded accounts that allow parents to use the account to pay for educational expenses such as tuition, fees, tutoring, testing or books. The size of an ESA account is usually tied to a percentage of the average state per pupil spending. North Carolina recently approved a limited ESA program for students with special needs. Given this information do you support or oppose ESA programs?

Strongly Support: 39%
Somewhat Support: 40%
Somewhat Oppose: 8%
Strongly Oppose: 4%
Not Sure: 9%