Luther Ray Abel of National Review Online ponders poor polling results for President Biden.

The only thing deflating of late has been President Biden’s polling, and, according to today’s CBS poll, he has finally achieved an ignominious 40 percent approval rating. After starting his presidency with numbers in the 60s, for no other reason than the infamy of the man he was replacing, Joe has declined. For many of us, it seems as if Joe should have taken up residence at this low mark approximately 30 months ago, but Americans — a people predisposed to generosity — allowed the man the better part of his presidency before concluding that Biden is, as Charlie says, a bit of an a**hole.

When Americans signed on the dotted line for a Biden presidency, the media assured them that they were making the right decision — the pro-democracy decision. After all, the media said, the former occupant of the White House was an old creep with ethically compromised children, ties to authoritarian states, and personally as noxious as a train derailment in Middle America. But the media, being otherwise engaged in giving each other awards for pedicular journalism,  failed to inform Americans that the replacement for said schlub was precisely the same guy but three model years older . . . an oversight most frequently observed on “No Money Down” used-car lots.

It is no accident that Biden’s approval ratings look like the blueprint for the roller-coaster drop at the future Mad Dogs and Englishmen theme park. Unlike the ratings for Trump, which started low and stayed there, and the ratings for Barack Obama, which fluctuated more because of legislation and eventually held steady in the 50s, Joe Biden was oversold. So the downhill grade — one that would make even a West Virginian trucker balk — isn’t his fault.