A new Republican primary poll of North Carolina’s U.S. Senate race takes the pulse of likely voters as the 2022 election gets underway. Carolina Journal reports on how a three-way primary shakes out right now between former Gov. Pat McCrory, former U.S. Rep. Mark Walker, and current U.S. Rep. Ted Budd.

2022 GOP Senate Primary Head-to-Head

The results of the poll reveal McCrory leading in the potential three-way race for the 2022 GOP primary for U.S. Senate:

McCrory leads the field with 40% of the vote.

Walker is second at 10.5%.

Budd has 4.8%.

Forty-four percent of respondents said they are undecided.

Pollster Ryan Burrell of Spry Strategies told me on WPTF radio that McCrory, who only recently entered the race for the seat Richard Burr will vacate next year, already is dominant. LISTEN:


Burrell’s poll also assessed the Trump factor on the race, asking likely GOP voters if their preferred candidate should share the former president’s views on issues and his tone. Fascinating results. LISTEN:


Here’s more detail on how Burrell views the Trump factor, as reported by Carolina Journal.

“Trump’s hard-charging style will never be replicated, and I think voters can do without some of the divisiveness in President Trump’s personality. The America First agenda, however, defines the issues for this U.S. Senate race, and the Republican Party has smartly adopted the agenda as the party’s official platform.”

All three — McCrory, Walker, and Budd — announced their campaigns with killer videos.

Mark Walker — December 2020


Pat McCrory — April 12, 2021


Ted Budd — April 28, 2021