Mike Pompeo explains for the Washington Examiner why the Biden administration’s energy priorities threaten American security.

Amid high inflation and the economic suffering of Americans here at home, President Joe Biden and some of his top Cabinet officials recently gathered in Egypt at COP27. It was a ritzy global gathering centered on fighting climate change.

In Biden’s opening remarks to the summit, the president touted his Inflation Reduction Act as the “biggest, most important climate bill in the history of our country.” The statement was telling: Americans were told its purpose was to reduce inflation, but in reality, it was a gaslighting Trojan horse meant to conceal the Biden administration’s real priority. It perfectly encapsulated how climate change and green energy have skewed this administration’s priorities. The law’s $369 billion handout to Democrat-aligned activists and groups will only continue to make everything more expensive for American families. And John Kerry, the climate czar, is driving America’s foreign policy to focus on climate change and diverting attention from the real threats posed by adversaries that do not share our interests — adversaries such as the Chinese Communist Party. This makes the United States poorer, weaker, and less safe. House Republicans must hold the Biden administration accountable and focus on what really matters to our families and workers. Let’s once again put America and its interests first in Washington!

Biden’s obsession to decarbonize America is guaranteed to enrich and empower the Chinese Communist Party. A sizable portion of the law’s handout will go toward solar energy despite this administration being well aware that Chinese manufacturers dominate 80% of the market for solar panels and that many of them have ties to forced labor in Xinjiang. As secretary of state, I issued a determination that the Chinese Communist Party was guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity, a determination that the Biden administration upheld. … These actions served our interests by upholding our commitment to human life while weakening the Communist Party. Unfortunately, this administration has been led astray by green fantasies.