Professor Douglas Rasmussen writes this Cato Unbound article which offers an explanation of the current resurgence of Ayn Rand.

At one level, the increased attention given to Rand?s views seems to
be due to how aptly her account of the destruction of capitalism in Atlas Shrugged
captures what has been happening in reality.  Here we find the
description of how government and certain businesses work together to
create a political/legal order that favors certain groups at the
expense of others, destroys economic growth and enterprise, and makes
an ever-increasing number of citizens dependent on government for their
livelihoods.  In a word, we have a story about how government working
with business and labor creates a fascist economic, political, and legal order.

Yet, this alone cannot explain the increased attention given to
Rand, for both F. A. Hayek and Ludwig von Mises describe such a
development, and while there is increased attention to their works too,
it has not been as intense as that given to Rand?s. It would seem that
the reason Rand?s views have been thrust into the public square is due
to more than economic matters. No doubt, it is because of the moral or
ethical dimension of her understanding of the role of government and
the nature of capitalism.