The John William Pope Foundation launches its new website today.

From the Pope Foundation news release:

The John William Pope Foundation, one of the top-giving philanthropies in North Carolina, has launched a redesigned website to more effectively communicate with fellow donors, the public, and the media.

“Our expanded online presence serves as an important step in continuing my father’s legacy of generosity and goodwill,” said Art Pope, President and Chairman of the Pope Foundation. “Our goal is to underscore the vital work being done by our grantees.”

The website describes the Pope Foundation’s four areas of philanthropic investment — public policy groups, educational institutions, humanitarian efforts, and the arts — that amounts to over $10 million in giving each year. It also tells John William Pope’s remarkable story — from his humble beginning working in his father’s five-and-dime store during the Great Depression to becoming head of a retail chain serving 300 communities across the southeast and employing thousands. covered the Pope Foundation’s 25th anniversary dinner celebration last December.