The John William Pope Foundation highlights this morning at its new website the work of the John Locke Foundation.

Budgeting and baking — at first blush, few would see a similarity between the two. But John Hood, President and Chairman of the John Locke Foundation, uses the analogy to show America’s best path to a freer, more prosperous economy.

“Our political debate too often focuses on the economic pie that already exists. It’s a pie that’s swiftly shrinking, and everyone is battling over the fairest way to slice it,” Hood said. “My preference is that we bake more pies. I much prefer baking to slicing.”

The comparison is one of the core economic arguments put forth by JLF, the Tar Heel State’s top free-market think tank devoted to striking a better balance between government and private institutions of faith, family, and business. Rather than redistribute the pie that already exists, Hood and his colleagues want to see more pies produced in the first place.