David Drucker of the Washington Examiner details disturbing news for Republicans looking ahead to the next election cycle.

Political groups loyal to President Trump could make good on his threat to back primary challenges against congressional Republicans who oppose his agenda.

Trump is warning conservative House Republicans who have opposed his health care initiative that he might try and oust them next year when they stand for re-nomination.

Except under extraordinary circumstances, GOP rules prohibit the party committees, such as the Republican National Committee, which Trump controls, from working against incumbents.

That would leave the task to the constellation of political nonprofits and super PACs that have formed to support the president and his legislative agenda on Capitol Hill. That is, if they can avoid fighting amongst themselves.

“They could do it. All they have to do is say: Find me a candidate,” said a Republican operative who has advised challenger candidates.

The highest profile among them are America First Policies and Make America Great, both political nonprofits. Other groups to watch include 45Committee, also a nonprofit, and its affiliated super PAC, Future45. Make America Great declined to comment, but America First Policies indicated that it’s willing to go after Repubilcan incumbents that stand in Trump’s way.