In yesterday’s (unposted) Greensboro News & Record column, Jeff Paschal—pastor of Guilford Park Presbyterian Church who describes himself as “leaning toward the progressive side on most issues”— says we need to pray for President Trump–not because at heart he’s good man doing a good job but because–in Paschal’s opinion—he is a “narcissistic braggart and a spectacularly consistent liar.”

But if prayer is just not getting it done for you, Paschal has a backup plan:

Become as informed as you can. Simply watchng Fox news will not be enough; it’s too biased toward defending President Trump. Spend some time with The Washington Post and The New York Times as a balance to Fox.

Note Paschal left out MSNBC. Yea, if prayer doesn’t work, makes sure you read two newspapers who are clearly out to get Trump, using means fair and unfair. I would highly recommend Charles Blow’s NYT column that calls Trump “a useful idiot” and advises liberals to “stop thinking you’re in a skirmish, when you’re at war.” That will really get you in a prayerful mood.