Viv Forbes writes for the American Thinker about bad news facing climate alarmists.

The Climate Cult worships two green idols: electric vehicles and wind-solar energy.  This is part of a futile U.N. scheme promoting “Net Zero Emissions,” which aims to cool the climate of the world by waging war on CO2 plant food.

Green worship is the state religion of all Western nations.  It is promoted by billionaires with other agendas and endlessly repeated by the U.N., the bureaucracy, all government media, state education, and most big business leaders.

The promotion of electric cars and trucks will cause a great increase in the demand for electricity to replace diesel, petrol, and gas.

We live beside a major highway in Queensland, Australia, and we can hear the roar of the traffic.

The road is quiet at night, but as day dawns, the real workers start moving — big diesel trucks off to pick up the day’s loads of gravel, machinery, cattle, tanks, pipes, hay, timber, bricks, and concrete.  Then comes the traffic that sustains urban life: meat vans, milk tankers, and refrigerated trucks of produce to fill supermarket shelves every day.  Around sunrise come the commuters heading for city jobs, and the city’s electric trains, elevators, and escalators start to run.  Then kids are delivered to school, and sirens announce the occasional passing of ambulances, fire engines, and police bikes and cars.  …

… To achieve net-zero nirvana, all of this early-morning traffic rush must be battery-powered.  Untold thousands of batteries will need to be fully charged overnight — well before the vast paddocks of Chinese solar panels can deliver one amp of green electricity. …

… But what keeps trains, elevators, hospitals, and refrigerators going if we have a still night followed by another cloudy day?  More batteries or Snowy 9 Pumped Hydro?  And if the still cloudy weather continues, what will recharge the Big Batteries and re-pump the hydros?  And will Greens apply the same conservation standards and delaying tactics to wind, solar, hydro, and power line construction that they now apply to coal mines?