This morning state officials released test scores for the 2013-14 school year .  As I do every year, I have calculated proficiency rates for charter and district schools.

Please note that the figures below are the median achievement level percentage by school for all subjects.  They do not account for differences in student population or indicate growth.  Regional, blind, and deaf schools are not included, but alternative schools, charter and district alike, are part of the calculation.  Median percentages provided below do not sum to 100, thus they do not represent the distribution of percentages across the five achievement levels but the median of each level.  The statewide percentages include charter, district, and non-district affiliated schools.

And if those parameters were not enough, all figures are subject to change.

Level 1: Way below grade level

District: 22.1

Charter: 18.0

State: 22.1

Level 2: Below grade level

District: 22.7

Charter: 21.9

State: 21.6

Level 3: Grade level proficiency

District: 10.5

Charter: 10.3

State: 10.1

Level 4: Career and college ready

District: 33.3

Charter: 39.2

State: 33.5

Level 5: Big time career and college ready

District: 12.1

Charter: 16.0

State: 12.7