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Carolina Journal expands video presence with CJTV

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RALEIGH — More than 100 people packed the Historic Chowan County Courthouse recently to learn what North Carolina’s constitution says about the power of taxation. Thousands more across the state can watch the same presentation again, thanks to Carolina Journal Television, a new service of Carolina Journal Online.

“People turn to CJ Online for valuable news, analysis, and commentary about North Carolina politics and public policy,” said John Hood, John Locke Foundation president and CJ Online publisher. “CJTV offers another way to present information in a quick, easy-to-understand format for people who hope to understand the key issues and conflicts debated day-to-day in our state.”

Accessed through a tab at or directly at, CJTV offers video material in several different categories. “It’s no accident that the first item viewers will see on the page is the CJTV lead story, a unique take on an issue of importance in North Carolina,” Hood said. “The current lead story spotlights the recent constitutional forum in Edenton on taxation. Viewers who were unable to attend the event can watch the video presentation to learn from historical, political science, and legal experts about our state’s fundamental legal document and what it has to say about the government’s power to tax.”

Categories on the main CJTV page will help viewers find items of particular interest to them, Hood said. “One category labeled ‘Real Time’ offers quick reaction to news stories, as well as highlights from Carolina Journal interviews with John Locke Foundation experts,” he said. “The ‘Locke Box’ includes segments from JLF events — our weekly Shaftesbury Society luncheon speeches in Raleigh, the Headliner events with high-profile speakers conducted across North Carolina, and special panel discussions and forums.”

Recent “Locke Box” features have highlighted analysis of North Carolina’s tax system from experts at the Washington-based Tax Foundation, alternative treatment programs for criminal offenders, and recent developments in transformation of the U.S. Army.

The “Air Wars” category highlights JLF appearances on television newscasts and talk shows, while “On The Record” offers live-to-tape coverage of press conferences, rallies, and other public events. “People who are busy working all day might not have a chance to sign up for a daytime panel discussion or attend a media briefing,” Hood explained. “Now, with Carolina Journal TV, they can watch these types of fascinating events on their computer screens at their convenience.”

Recent “On The Record” clips have captured a rally against forced annexation, a three-part panel discussion of North Carolina’s legislative redistricting controversies, and the announcement of a constitutional lawsuit involving the state superintendent of public instruction.

CJTV is the latest addition to a Carolina Journal operation that has grown substantially since its launch in 1991, Hood said. “Our CJ print edition reaches 130,000 people a month,” he said. “Since 2003, radio listeners from the mountains to the coast have been listening to our hourlong weekly Carolina Journal Radio program. Daily readership at Carolina Journal Online continues to grow each year. CJTV represents the next stage in our development.”

For more information, please contact John Hood at (919) 828-3876 or [email protected]. To arrange an interview, contact Mitch Kokai at (919) 306-8736 or [email protected].

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