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Statement From Amy Cooke, John Locke Foundation CEO

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No. We won’t comply with Biden’s vaccine mandate,
and no one else should either.

“That one man – Joe Biden – wants to force free Americans to inject something into their bodies should be abhorrent to everyone. That some think it’s acceptable shows how much our foundational freedoms have eroded. To my profound disappointment, authoritarianism has become mainstream. 

Medical decisions are personal and private. Period. President Biden’s political party often cites Roe v. Wade as their own rationale for such medical freedom, yet in an alarming turn of events, he has turned full-throated authoritarian, announcing he will wield the power of federal labor officials to force private businesses to function as medical doctors for every employee. In short, Joe Biden believes he – not individuals in consultation with a doctor – knows what’s best for every one of us. 

In the United States, communal panic does not trump individual freedom. We learned that lesson during World War II, when President Franklin Roosevelt’s executive action interned more than 120,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry, stripping them of rights and freedom.

We will not cower in fear, and we will not comply. Every American has the right to do what is best for themselves and their family, free of government coercion. We urge every American who values freedom, every business owner who is appalled by this massive government overreach, to do the same. We proudly lock arms with every governor, every attorney general, every business owner, every civil servant, every American who defies this mandate. 

This is our line in the sand.”

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