The Usurper Four Denies North Carolinians Justice

RALEIGH — The “Usurper Four” Democrat majority has gone scorched earth on the state constitution and the will of millions of North Carolina voters. This decision, crafted by notorious progressive idealogue Anita Earls, is designed to appease the Democrats’ far-left activist base – a small but well-funded base that openly rejects the very popular voter ID law and taxpayer protections. These four Justices...

Press Release
August 19, 2022

North Carolina Should Mark Right-to-Work’s 75th Anniversary by Making Law Permanent

RALEIGH —  As North Carolina reaches the 75th anniversary of its right-to-work law, now is a great time to strengthen the state’s protection against forced labor unionization. A new John Locke Foundation report calls on policymakers to add right-to-work provisions to the N.C. Constitution. “States with right-to-work laws enjoy lower unemployment rates, higher job growth, and higher wage...

Press Release
March 9, 2022