January 26, 2022

“Marc Elias proves again that he has an exceedingly high tolerance for his own hypocrisy and shame. He called the North Carolina map drawn by the GOP-controlled legislature a “grotesque partisan gerrymander,” “indefensible,” and proof the Republican Party “has lost all shame.” Elias’ law firm, the Elias Law Group, is representing the plaintiffs in Harper v. Hall, one of the consolidated redistricting cases in North Carolina.

Meanwhile, he says of the Democrat-drawn Maryland map – which maintains seven safe Democrat seats and makes the only Republican district more competitive for Democrats – that the interest of his client, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, is simply to “allow Democratic candidates to be competitive.”

Marc Elias has one job – to get Democrats elected by whatever means necessary. He’s  devised a lawsuit industrial complex to get through the courts what Democrats and their unpopular ideas can’t achieve at the ballot box – victories. 

The media treats him like he’s some kind of neutral enforcer of election law when, in reality, he’s a Democrat operative and a political hack with a law license who peddled the Steele dossier as Hillary Clinton’s legal counsel. That led to the biggest lie of all – the Russian collusion hoax. His former law partner has been indicted. Elias has been sanctioned in Texas. He shouldn’t be taken seriously in a courtroom or the court of public opinion. His purpose for intervening in both cases is to stave off the coming red tsunami in the fall.” – Amy O. Cooke, CEO of the John Locke Foundation