October 20, 2022

RALEIGH – The John Locke Foundation is proud to announce that Dr. Robert ‘Bob’ Luebke has been selected as the director of Locke’s Center for Effective Education (CEE). 

“Dr. Luebke brings decades of experience advocating on behalf of North Carolina students and parents,” said Locke’s Senior Vice President of Research, Brian Balfour. “We have the utmost confidence in his ability to lead the Center for Effective Education as it continues to innovate and expand opportunities for our state’s children and focuses on improving results for students.” 

Dr. Luebke holds a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin and was formerly the Director of Policy for the Civitas Institute. He has held positions with the state and federal government, including service in the Reagan and Bush administrations, as well as private research firms and has been involved in improving education and expanding educational opportunity for the better part of three decades. 

As an exceptional member of the Locke team, Dr. Luebke will take the helm of the education-focused center, building upon the outstanding work of Dr. Terry Stoops, who has accepted a role with NC’s Department of Public Instruction. 

“I’m grateful for the confidence my colleagues at Locke have shown me,” Luebke said. “Leading the Center for Effective Education is an exciting opportunity. I look forward to working with policymakers, parents, and concerned citizens as we empower students and parents and expand educational opportunity in North Carolina.” 

The Center for Effective Education is a research and education project of the John Locke Foundation. The goal of CEE is to improve educational opportunities for students across the state and to encourage the creation of diverse schooling options for families. As the center’s new director, Dr. Luebke will head up educational research, establish CEE’s policy priorities, and advocate for research-backed methods for improving educational attainment.  

The John Locke Foundation is confident in Dr. Luebke’s ability to be a champion for students across North Carolina and is proud to have him leading our charge for educational excellence.