August 19, 2022

RALEIGH — The “Usurper Four” Democrat majority has gone scorched earth on the state constitution and the will of millions of North Carolina voters. This decision, crafted by notorious progressive idealogue Anita Earls, is designed to appease the Democrats’ far-left activist base – a small but well-funded base that openly rejects the very popular voter ID law and taxpayer protections. These four Justices – Anita Earls, Sam Ervin, Michael Morgan, and Robin Hudson – are guilty of voter suppression. 

The People’s will was very clear in 2018 when they voted YES on election security and taxpayer protections – two constitutional amendments placed on the ballot by the elected General Assembly. The Democrat justices had it within their power to protect voters, but instead they’ve sent this case back to the trial court where their allies can subvert North Carolinians.

Rather than protect voters, these four progressive justices have proven their allegiance to the Democrat Party trumps North Carolina voters and the constitution. They’ve deprived North Carolinians of a definitive decision. Instead they willingly leave voters and taxpayers in a state of uncertainty.