Andrew Stiles of the Washington Free Beacon considers how previous Democratic presidents would fare in the upcoming “woke primary” for the 2020 nomination.

The Democratic Party is in the middle of a curious transition, not unlike the insurgent Tea Party’s re-branding of the Republican Party circa 2010. It was often said that “even Ronald Reagan couldn’t win the GOP nomination these days.” That might be true, but it’s also true that previous Democratic presidents would be considered far too problematic to win the “woke” party’s nomination in 2020, as evidenced by de facto House Speaker Ilhan Omar’s recent criticism of Barack Obama.

Consider the following analysis:


WHY HE’S WOKE: Half black, exotic middle name, listens to Cardi B, might be a secret Muslim

WHY HE’S PROBLEMATIC: Half white, male, straight, more accomplished as a memoirist than as a politician, books can’t be repealed — unlike most of his signature “accomplishments” in office, picked a racially problematic goofball (Joe Biden) as his VP, bailed out Wall Street, staffed his cabinet with lobbyists and banking executives, championed “conservative” health-care reform, filled out NCAA brackets while Libya and Yemen burned, put immigrant kids in cages, became addicted to drone strikes and cigarettes, caved to House Republicans, pretended to oppose gay marriage, didn’t do enough to combat climate change, core convictions limited to 1) “I am right,” and 2) “If I keep talking long enough, everyone will agree that I’m right,” didn’t take the Russia threat seriously enough, succeeded by Donald Trump, if he really is a secret Muslim why hasn’t he proudly admitted it by now?

ATTACK AD TAGLINE: “Cares more about basketball than the environment, and he’s not even that good at the game.”