Jess Lawson writes for the Blue State Conservative about one of the most interesting recent cases of COVID.

The tyranny we’ve seen inflicted in the name of COVID on citizens around the world has been both widespread and disturbing. In China, where the pandemic originated, the communist government set the bar for authoritarianism by welding shut the doors of apartment buildings. We’ve seen vaccine passports in countries as varied as Switzerland and Thailand. And of course, vaccine and mask mandates in the US, Canada, and elsewhere have stirred outrage among the populace.

But when it comes to prolonged and persistent autocracy, Australia has been a global leader. And wouldn’t you know it? We found out yesterday that Australia’s Prime Minister, the Honorable Scott Morrison, has tested positive for COVID. …

… This is not how a democracy is supposed to treat its citizens. But Australia, like so many other so-called civilized democracies, has tried to justify their totalitarianism by pointing the finger at the boogieman-of-choice for today’s leftists: COVID. The dangers of COVID never validated these actions, because these actions were never about the dangers of COVID. They were about power and control.

We’ve known for months now that the COVID vaccines don’t prevent the virus’ spread, though there is some protection against severity. Social distancing rules were never based on legitimate scientific data, and neither were mask mandates. And the notion of criminalizing walking down the street – regardless of one’s contagiousness with a virus that’s comparable to the flu – is something we would expect to read in a George Orwell novel.

And all for what? What did these crackdowns and seizures of liberties accomplish, if the man who implemented them has been stricken with the virus despite those absurd efforts?

While we wear our smirks proudly when reflecting on Mr. Morrison’s outlandish overreaches and the just desserts he’s now been served, let’s not gloat like those on the left.